Where & When do we meet?

We meet in the cafeteria of Northboro Elementary School (400 40th St. WPB, FL 33407) near the intersection of 40th St. and Flagler Dr. and across the street from the Rybovich marina. Our service starts at 10:00am each Sunday and usually ends around 11:30am. The parking lot is accessed on the South end of the campus off of Flagler Dr.

How should I dress?

We are a church that is diverse in terms of race, socio-economic class, marital state and age. This is also reflected in how people dress. Some will have on sports coats, some jeans, some dress shirts, some t-shirts and some even sandals. During the summer we are a little more casual. We want you to feel accepted and welcome regardless of your wardrobe and you will feel comfortable and welcome as you are. Our pastors typically wear dress shirts and slacks and sometimes a suit or sports coat.

What does service look like?

We usually start our service with announcements at 10:00am. Then we do a call to worship, prayer of invocation and sing the doxology.

  1. Music: Our music typically consists of hymns and Christ focused Contemporary Christian and Gospel songs. We typically sing 4-5 songs during a service and at least 2 are usually hymns.

  2. Liturgy: Our liturgy includes prayers of the people, corporate confession of sin and assurance of pardon (forgiveness), confession of faith and a benediction.

  3. Sermon: Sermons are usually 35-40 min and are usually going through a book of the Bible. The aim is to explain the meaning of the text and help apply it to the lives of our congregation individually and corporately. We hope to teach substantive theology from a Reformed perspective in a culturally relevant way that challenges us to live our everyday lives according to the Scripture.

  4. Child Services: Before the sermon we dismiss kids ages 2-5th grade to our Kingdom Kids ministry. Where they will hear an age appropriate lesson and participate in activities. All of our workers have background checks and are supervised by Debbie Manigat, our Kingdom Kids Director and certified child therapist.

  5. Offering: We do not pass an offering plate or ask you to walk up front. There is an offering box in the back near our connect table where people can give. You can also give online at newsongwpb.com

  6. Refreshments/Books- we have coffee, hot water, tea, ice water, muffins and snacks at our connect table in the back of the cafeteria. We also have a book table where books and Bibles are available for a $5 donation. First-time guests are welcome to take a book for free and a Bible if they do not have one.