There is Power in prayer and togetherness. We make it our duty to make sure that if there is an area of support that you need, that we make time to listen to you and be intentional about praying for that specific area, fervently.



The launch team has members who are qualified to counsel and guide you through the tough times that happen during your course of life. We sometimes as a people feel a bit misunderstood, stagnant or just lonely.. We're here to help you.



The LORD has blessed us with the ability to be comforted in having a significant other and creating families. We believe in the oneness and lovingness of a Christ centered marriage. If you're at a point of disturbance in your union, we'd like to bring the peace of Christ back into your marriage.


Below is a confidential form that will be handled by a professional on our team that will be in contact with you as immediately as possible.

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